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Find a healthier way to work.

You can positively influence your workplace to create healthy opportunities for yourself and everyone you work with. Whether you're a company owner, a manager or someone who wants to help your workmates enjoy better health, you can begin to take positive steps right now.

Silver Chef achieves gold with the Healthy Together Achievement Program

Silver Chef achieves gold with the Healthy Together Achievement Program

Silver Chef Ltd is the first workplace in the State to be recognised by the Victorian Government for creating a healthier workplace across all five priority areas of the Achievement Program.

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Here are three ways you can start creating healthy change.

Invest in better health and reap the rewards

Investing in health and wellbeing can lead to better staff retention, reduced sick leave and improved morale - all great for business. If you think there's room for improvement in your workplace, start taking action today. Rally support from co-workers. Connect with your HR and OH&S representatives. Talk to decision makers.


Start with some something small

Take a look around your workplace and identify opportunities for improvement. Try stand-up meetings instead of sit-downs. Speak to your boss about offering fruit as a snack option instead of biscuits. Visit a colleague instead of emailing them. Introduce a weekly informal lunchtime kick of the footy or a throw of the Frisbee. Little things can make a big difference, particularly if you make it a regular thing.


Healthy catering is a good place to start

Introducing healthy catering and promoting healthier food options at work is a great way to start creating healthy change. The next time you are planning a conference, lunchtime meeting or celebration ensure there are healthy options available. You can even check your vending machine and make sure they are stocked with water and healthy food choices.

Our Healthy Choices guidelines provide clear and practical guidance for choosing healthier options when purchasing food and drinks in your workplace. Go to our resources page (A vibrant eating culture) to find the Healthy Choices guidelines that best suit your needs.

Want healthy change? Join the Achievement Program.

A great way to create a healthy workplace is to participate in the Healthy Together Achievement Program.

The Achievement Program gives you practical steps and easy-to-use tools and templates to promote and improve health and wellbeing in your workplace.

Join hundreds of organisations and businesses across Victoria who are creating a healthier place to work. Register your workplace today.

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Building bridges to businesses

Building bridges to businesses

Quality healthy living programs will always have a role to play in the prevention system. Our challenge is how to make best use of these programs within a systems approach.

Creating healthier hospitals and health services

Creating healthier hospitals and health services

60% of community health services and over 50% of Victoria's public hospitals have joined Victoria's prevention effort, signing up to create healthier workplaces with the Healthy Together Achievement Program.

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